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That's My Why...

Once I realized life held more than just working to make a living, I embarked on a journey beyond my mindset. What was my true calling? I had no idea, so I delved into self-discovery, exploring my needs, non-negotiables, 
and the meaning of life. And I remember saying to myself: I don't know what I want so let's start for what I dont.

After months of research, I found my calling—creating a life I loved, pursuing my dreams, and becoming the best version of myself. With a background in Advertising and Marketing, I understood the power of the human mind and its subconscious desires. That led me to the idea of creating a space where I could help others build a life they love. Just like having a personal trainer at the gym, I believe having a mindset mentor can significantly impact our journey. 

"I have no idea what I want, but I know what I don't, so I will start with that."

So, I immersed myself in studying the human mind, behaviour, and the subconscious. After careful training, I earned my diploma in clinical Hypnotherapy, certified in coaching, counseling, and other therapeutic fields. , but was still missing a piece of the puzzle: the soul needs. 

And there I went, tapping into the universal energy of the mystical world. I delighted myself in the transcendent and spiritual energy that was available to me- whether it was reading my oracle cards, going on sound healing and shamanic journeys, or simply meditating in the creative energy of the universe. I found a way to incorporate the divine into my practices. 
I felt whole.

step into your power own your gift run with the wolves

"Touché! I felt whole." 

So that's how I've built my soul-led business—an individually tailored coaching and hypnotherapy program that addresses mind, body and soul. 

What matters most to me is that I've walked this path myself—transforming my mindset, overcoming traumas, and shedding habits that no longer served me, tapping into the raw energy of the universe. Today, I wake up with the intention of being my best s​elf and feel supported and guided from different sources of energy. And the power of mastering your mind to create the life you love is indescribable. I'm living my dream life. 

So, here's me, opening my heart to you. If you're inspired and want to know more about my journey or kickstart your own, feel free to reach out.


I am here for you.

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