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Be Bold.

Are you ready to totally uplevel yourself as a high-achieving go-getter, by letting go of anxiety, perfectionism and self-doubt to live a life of freedom and confidence?



Welcome to a powerfully life-affirming blend of coaching and hypnotherapy designed exclusively for high-achieving women like you, who are juggling personal projects, family commitments, and professional endeavours. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will totally transform the way you see yourself and your life going forward?

Do you ever feel a secret yearning for something more?

It's not just another accomplishment, promotion, or conquered goal. 


Deep down, you crave bold liberation – freedom from the relentless grip of having to prove yourself, of breaking free from years of conditioning of being the hardest worker, being a mother, being the one that holds everything together. 

  • Maybe you’re tired of the self-doubt and second-guessing.

  • Maybe you’re tired of feeling trapped in your life.

  • Maybe you don’t even know what you want right now.


You just know it’s not this.


I know one thing.

You absolutely deserve to finally step into your full power, radiating grace and confidence as you embrace this ONE life you were truly meant to live.

Warm Up on the Beach

You recognise that the time for change is NOW, and you refuse to settle for anything less than the extraordinary life you deserve. ​

Your empowered self is bold, decisive, full of love and unapologetically authentic.

Take my hand, I want to bring you to meet her.​ ​



Feeling purpose, instead of pressure. Deep down, you yearn for something more meaningful than the endless pursuit of external validation. Imagine a life where your actions are driven by a deeper sense of purpose, a connection to a cause you care about, or the freedom to explore your passions without the constant need to prove yourself.


Feeling at peace, not just performing. The constant pressure to achieve can be exhausting. Wouldn't it be amazing to find peace amidst the chaos? Imagine feeling calm and confident in your abilities, with the freedom to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. "Be Bold" can help you find that inner peace, allowing you to celebrate your achievements and trust your capabilities.


Feeling fulfilment, not just functioning. You're a master of "having it all" and functioning at a high level, but there's a yearning for something more. Imagine a life that nourishes your soul as well as your ambitions.

Warm Up on the Beach

Be Bold can help you discover the path to fulfilment, where you prioritise self-care, set healthy boundaries, and find joy in the process – not just the outcome. It's about creating a life that resonates with your true self.


Deep down, you know you've got what it takes to take charge and thrive, and I want to help you on that journey.

If you’ve read this far I know that, like all my clients, you've reached a pivotal moment where the status quo is no longer acceptable for you. 

You're ready to shed the old you and embrace a life filled with purpose, passion, and fulfilment.



No two journeys are the same - just as no two people are the same.

Identify: We'll explore the root causes of your anxiety, perfectionism, and self-doubt, gaining deep insights into the specific triggers and patterns that contribute to these feelings, enabling you to address them effectively.

Uncover: Through coaching, practical exercises, hypnotherapy, supporting tools and tailored strategies, you'll reconnect with your core values and rediscover what truly drives you, clarifying your values and passions, which leads to a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life.


Define: Together, we'll craft a personalised purpose statement – a guiding light for your journey, creating a clear, actionable plan that inspires and motivates you daily.


Mindset shifts & Empowering Strategies:

Break Free from the Grip of Anxiety


Mind-Body Techniques: Learn powerful tools to manage stress and find calm, mastering techniques such as mindfulness, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation, leading to reduced stress and increased calmness.


Challenge Your Thoughts: Recognise recurring negative thought patterns and reframe them for empowerment, developing the ability to adopt a more positive and empowering mindset.

Design Your Path to Peace


Goal Setting with Intention: Set SMART goals by defining clear, achievable goals that align with your core values and purpose, fostering a sense of progress and accomplishment.  Develop personalised action plans for immediate progress.


Boundaries & Self-Care: Learn to say "no" and prioritise your needs, implementing effective boundary-setting strategies and self-care practices, leading to improved well-being and balance in your life.

Silence Your Inner Critic


Self-Compassion Practices: Cultivate kindness and acceptance towards yourself, enhancing your self-compassion and self-acceptance, reducing the impact of your inner critic and boosting self-esteem.

Assertiveness Training: Learn to communicate your needs with confidence, improving your assertiveness skills, enabling you to express your yourself confidently and effectively.

Embrace the Power of Fulfilment


Habit Building for Success: Develop positive habits to support your goals, establishing and maintaining changes that support your long-term success and well-being.


Time Management Strategies: Learn to manage your time effectively and avoid overwhelm, mastering time management techniques, leading to increased productivity.

Embodying Lasting Change


Mind-Body Integration: Explore practices that bridge the gap between your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, experiencing a greater sense of wholeness and well-being by integrating mind-body practices, empowering you to sustain your transformation.

Subconscious Mind Reprograming: Deepen the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind, solidifying new empowering beliefs and behaviours through personalised strategies, enhancing your ability to maintain positive changes.

Confident & Aligned


Energetic Assessment: Identify energetic blocks associated with anxiety, perfectionism, and self-doubt, gaining clarity on energetic blocks and patterns, enabling targeted and effective clearing techniques.

Negotiation Strategies: Learn to negotiate effectively and confidently advocate for yourself, developing strong negotiation skills, enabling you to advocate for yourself effectively in personal and professional situations.


Boosting Confidence: Empower yourself to take action without hesitation, boosting your confidence and eliminating hesitation through personalised strategies, empowering you to take decisive action.



Bold & Ready

Plan for Continued Growth: Develop a sustainable plan for lasting transformation, creating continued growth and ensuring lasting success.

Here's how the journey looks…
Here's how it'll happen:


Pre-Coaching Questionnaire:

This reflective tool poses inspiring and thought-provoking questions to help you review what you want to achieve from your coaching series.


It's a potential game-changer in itself, setting the stage for profound self-discovery, confidence building, and clarity in your goals.


Seven 60-minute coaching sessions:

Scheduled every two weeks to allow you time to absorb and apply what you've learned, these sessions aren't just supportive and encouraging—they're life-changing. 

Each time we meet, it's a chance for you to grow, explore, and have those "aha" moments. You'll come away feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to take charge of your life. 


By understanding yourself better and clarifying your goals, you'll be ready to make real progress toward achieving your dreams.


One 60-minute coaching session to setting intentions:

This session is all about guiding you through the process of clarifying your goals and setting the direction for your coaching journey. 

By laying down a solid foundation right from the start, you'll feel empowered and focused, ready to tackle challenges with newfound confidence, courage, and clarity.


Three 60 min Transformative Hypnosis Sessions:

Firmly believing in the power of the subconscious mind, I bring you three dynamically crafted hypnosis sessions.


These sessions are not just meditations, they are transformative tools designed to deeply influence your coaching journey and foster profound self-reconnection. 


By harnessing the power of your subconscious mind, you'll experience breakthroughs in self-limiting beliefs, overcome barriers to success, and cultivate a mindset of abundance, confidence, and resilience. 


You'll feel more empowered, grounded, and aligned with your goals, paving the way for lasting change and growth in all areas of your life.


Unlimited Voice Support:

Your direct line to empowerment. I am your unwavering support throughout the entire 4-month coaching journey to bring you personalised guidance and encouragement between sessions.


Personalised Toolkit:

Resources curated just for you - worksheets, exercises, and strategies to fuel your growth. These tools are designed to support your progress and transformation, providing you with actionable insights and strategies to overcome any obstacles. 


Post-Session Insights:

Deepen your learning with written reflections after each call. These reflections serve as a valuable tool for tracking your progress, identifying patterns, and celebrating your achievements. 

Location Freedom:

Whether you're at home, work, or on the move, you can access transformative coaching sessions without being restricted by location.  With Zoom, your journey to empowerment is at your fingertips, no matter where life takes you.


" 100% recommend you as you have this amazing way of touching a soul and guiding it to a possibly life changing way of thinking and understanding itself, that will make anyone's life richer and more amazing than ever imagined!  


I now feel more connected to myself, and I can more comfortably put my own needs over anyone else's. I now know what triggers positive feelings and what triggers negative and how to fight them. Main thing is giving myself time that is just for myself.


Every day in every way I'm getting better and better. Absolutely amazing experience well above any of expectations. Both hypnosis and coaching were great and complimented each other perfectly. You have so much to give, and I was so lucky to be one that received your gift. Million times thank you. "   

client result

Maya Aleksic

"Six months ago, my life took an unexpected turn, and I was struggling to get back on track. Rafa has helped me to find my way back in so many ways.


Not just with her marvelous hypnotherapy work but also with her great knowledge of human behavior, guiding me to recognize the triggers, giving me the tools to deal with them and the challenges I was facing.


She is an amazing mentor, and her work is really inspirational." 

client result

Luana Valim

"The work I developed with Rafa has deeply marked my life for several reasons. During our sessions, I was able to understand my true priorities and paths to achieve or develop them more clearly. Additionally, I had access to various tools that I could apply in my daily life, which facilitated both my basic routine and my positioning in more challenging moments.


Through the meetings, I was able to connect more deeply and consciously with myself, not only understanding but primarily feeling that I am a being on an evolutionary path and in constant learning, leaving behind illusory ideals of perfection that only held me back.


Hypnotherapy was also a very important part of this process, facilitating the work of internal connection and paradigm shift. My experience with this mentoring was revealing, strengthening, and of immense beauty! My eternal gratitude, Rafa!"

client result

M C Eduardo


Unleash Your Limitless Earning Potential: "Be Bold" will shatter the limitations you’ve put on yourself with self-doubt and perfectionism. You'll gain the unshakeable confidence to negotiate more effectively, take on bigger challenges, and step into leadership roles with ease. This program isn't therapy, it's an investment to help you claim your true financial power. 


Break Free, Build Extraordinary Relationships: "Be Bold" helps you cultivate inner peace and self-compassion, transforming you into a radiant, positive force in your relationships. It's a ripple effect – as you shed anxiety and self-doubt, you become more supportive and present with loved ones, fostering deeper connections and building an unshakeable support network. This program will help you create a life of extraordinary connections.


Time is Your Superpower – Own It:  Be Bold equips you with powerful tools to manage stress, set healthy boundaries, and prioritise self-care. Imagine reclaiming control of your time and energy – more time for your passions, more time for loved ones, more time to create a life that truly lights you up. This program is an investment in your most valuable asset – your time. 


It's about becoming choosen to BE BOLD from the inside out and finally living life on your terms.


379NZD per month for a 4-month payment


  1499NZD paid upfront

At this point, you know that taking care of yourself is very important. Just like you look after your physical health and finances, you also understand the value of caring for your mind and spirit. You also believe that money has its own energy, and you’re ready to invest in something that will truly make a big difference for you.

  • You're itching for a solid connection that really gets where you're coming from and gives you the tools to push past your challenges to make a real, lasting difference.

  • You know that it’s time to make time to nurture your journey and personal growth, because you realise that your future happiness depends on it and time is ticking away.

  • You're all about tapping into the wisdom, support and guidance of others when necessary, understanding that being vulnerable is a sign of strength, not weakness. 


Above all, you believe in yourself and your ability to create the life you desire. You refuse to let doubt or fear hold you back from achieving your full potential.

You'll love this if...


  • Stay stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and anxiety, holding yourself back from the life you deserve? OR unleash your inner fire, break free from limitations, and confidently claim the success, fulfilment, and peace you've always desired?

  • Continue feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, juggling work, family, and personal ambitions without ever feeling truly in control? OR invest in powerful tools and support to manage stress, prioritise self-care, and finally gain the time and energy to create a life of balance and fulfilment?

  • Live with the nagging feeling of "what if" – what if I could achieve more, what if I could be happier, what if I could finally break free from these limitations? OR choose now to make a powerful investment in yourself, silence the doubts, and step into a life of unshakeable confidence, limitless potential, and the freedom to be your most unbound self?

"Be Bold" empowers you to become the architect of your own well-being.


Imagine the impact on your life, your relationships, and your overall happiness.

"Be Bold" is more than just a program – it's a catalyst for transformation.


Choose to invest in your future and finally break free.

Who is Be Bold for?  

  • You're a high-achieving woman seeking to boost your confidence, courage, and clarity.

  • You're ready to prioritise self-care, shed excess weight, alleviate anxiety, and reclaim restful sleep.

  • You're committed to conquering your to-do list, banishing procrastination, nurturing meaningful connections, and advancing your career or business.

  • You recognize that true transformation requires dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

  • You're open to exploring new tools and strategies, such as hypnotherapy, to deepen your self-awareness and accelerate your growth.

  • You're proactive about seeking support and guidance, understanding that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.

  • You're willing to invest in yourself and your future, recognizing that personal development is key to living a fulfilling life.


Who is Be Bold not for?

  • You're not willing to commit to the process of self-discovery and growth.

  • You're seeking a quick fix or overnight solution to your challenges.

  • You're resistant to trying new approaches or stepping outside your comfort zone.

  • You're not open to receiving feedback or guidance from a coach.

  • You're not ready to invest time, energy, or resources into your personal development journey.

  • You're looking for a passive experience where change magically happens without your active participation.

  • You're not comfortable with exploring your inner world or addressing deep-seated beliefs and patterns.

I am          !


I'm not just your average coach. I'm someone who's been in your shoes. I've faced the so many struggles and uncertainties, and I've walked the talk to get where I am today.

I used to grapple with self-doubt, lack of clarity, and feeling stuck in my own life. But through coaching and hypnotherapy, I found the tools and support I needed to break free from those limitations.

I've experienced the transformation firsthand. Today, I wake up feeling empowered, knowing that I am the creator of my own destiny. I've achieved the results I always dreamt of, and I face my future with certainty and confidence.

I understand the specific challenges you might be facing—whether it's struggling to prioritise self-care, battling with procrastination, or feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life.


And I know the solutions because I've been there myself.

I've learned how to silence my inner critic, let go of perfectionism, and create healthy boundaries. I've discovered the power of mindset shifts, mindful decision and intentional action. And I've sought help and guidance when I needed it most, recognizing that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.

Why choose me? Because I've walked the path, and I know what it takes to overcome those challenges and create a life you truly love. 

Let's embark on this journey together, and watch as you transform into the confident, empowered woman you were always meant to be.

And if you still not convinced, try me out! Book your Free Call and ask everything you want to know, to feel confident in working with me.



Should I join Be Bold even if I have a busy schedule and don't know how to fit the program in?

Yes, you should! We will help you organise your time so you can fit the program in and still do everything else that's important to you.

Is now the right time to join, since I'm facing big challenges? Should I wait until my life is more settled?

You should join now! It will help you deal with the tough times. Life always has challenges, and it will never be perfect. The sooner you start working on your growth, the sooner you will see the benefits.


When will I start seeing the benefits?

You'll start seeing benefits from the first session. It will give you motivation, confidence, and a feeling of accomplishment for working on your personal growth.


Is Be Bold for me if I have traumas and mental blocks that are hard to talk about?

Yes, it is for you, and you will be safe with me. I am trained in different types of therapy, so I can help you heal and deal with any traumas or mental blocks. Remember, you are not alone! Everyone goes through tough times that can affect their lives if they don't get the right help.


What is hypnosis?

Will I be in control? Hypnosis is a state of being very aware, relaxed, and focused, where your subconscious mind is more open to suggestions. You will be in control the whole time.

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