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A Dream Worth Dreaming - How to Make Your Deepest Desires Come True.

We all have so many dreams to dream, and if we are bold, we can see many of them coming true, right? In the end, having just one life, the best way to experience it is fulfilling it with our deepest desires.

But when it comes to dreams, how would you know how to separate the poppy seeds from the dirt? Here, I bring the ultimate soul guide to understanding what is worth your time and commitment, what’s just the shiny object syndrome, and how to make the dream that matters for you come true.

Let’s start simple: pick up a dream that you want to see coming true, anything. Say it out loud, what do you want? Get a pen and a paper, write everything down, so you can not only come back to your notes but also tap into the therapeutic benefits of it.

Ready? So here we go. Having this dream in mind, ask yourself: Why is having this dream come true important to me? Why do I want it? Think about your reasons behind having this dream, the desires and intentions that make it a dream worthy of dreaming. Write down whatever comes to your mind; this way, you are bringing information straight from your subconscious mind, and that is where you hold the deepest reasons.

Now it is time to visualize how your life is going to look when you have it. Add as much information as you can. What will be different? In which ways and areas is your life going to change? Think about everything that will be impacted when the dream comes true.

And about the people around you, what is going to be different for them? Here is where we can find some blocks or inspiration. For example, if your dream is to have a successful career, you can think that it will limit the time you spend with your family, or you can think that you will have more money to spend with them.

Next is how you are going to feel. Imagine that you have it, that you are living the dream; what are the feelings, emotions, sensations that come to your mind? Write them all down.

How did you go? Is it a dream worthy to dream? If your answer is yes, here are the next steps to guide you to make it live:

Bearing in mind the feelings, emotions and sensations that came to your mind, think how can you feel more of this right now? How can you bring more of these feelings and sensations to your present moment? It will make your brain create a clearer vision of how to get what you want, and you are going to feel more motivated and happier. They are food for your soul.

Now we are diving into the three stages of pursuing a dream:

Inspiration, immersion, and action.

Inspiration is when you make everything around you remind you of your dream, how important and possible it is for you to achieve it (yes because everything is possible when you believe it is). Get visual; use sticky notes on the walls, put quotes on your bathroom mirror, create a vision board, make everything around you remind you that you have a dream to be yours to dream. It is what will keep you motivated to go for it.

Immersion: Get inside of it, in its world. Read all the books you can about it, watch movies, listen to podcasts, visualize yourself living your dream with every minimal detail in it. Is it a new car? Choose the color, sense the smell of the new seats, the sound of the engine, how smoothly it drives, the sensation and emotions of being the driver. Is it a trip to Europe? Imagine yourself buying the flights, during the flights, the excitement of landing there, who is with you, where you are going to stay, the foods you are going to eat. Make it a movie in your head. Start journaling about it; it will give clarity, ideas, and strengthen the connections between your mind and your dreams. Make it become your world, gather as much more information as you can, so you can really get the mood of it. It will make you feel closer to it every day.

Action: Here we go; take one step toward your dream every day. Big or small, it doesn't matter; 5 minutes a day, and at the end of a year, you will have spent 1,825 minutes creating the groundwork for your dream to come true. So, get clear on what you need to do and do it! Do you need to work harder and get more money? Do it. Do you need to make time to plan it? Make the time. Do you need to change some habits or behaviors that are blocking you from achieving your dream? Change them, get the support and help you need to get over these blocks, but do it.

Be ready! Your dream visits you because it needs you to be born. Because it wants to live and experience whatever it is, and you are the only one who can make it happen. If you pay a little attention, you will notice that it brings you glimpses and clues of how you can make it a reality all the time, and it won't go away; it won’t leave you alone. An unfulfilled dream is like a sad paint on the wall; it carries with it the pain of loss and separation. Giving up your dreams is like still existing but being restrained from living and experiencing life in its true meaning.

Here is the truth: you have just one life, and time is your biggest asset. How are you fitting your dreams in? When it comes to an end, would you be proud of yourself for having created the life you wanted? The journey of the soul is individual; every one of us holds the responsibility for making this journey worthy. And I can assure you that if we all were bold enough to go for our biggest dreams, the world would be immensely greater for all of us.

Make a deal with your dream of never abandoning it. Promise it that you will go above and beyond to birth it, and your dream will always be there for you, giving you all the information and tools you need to realize it. That is the secret magic of the universe, our dreams are like hidden treasures inside of us, and it is up to us to do whatever it takes to get them. So, be bold.

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