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Awakening Dreams: The Year When I Went from the Dissatisfaction to Creating a Life I Love

I am here to share the journey of my most transformational year with you. From not feeling capable of change to starting to live my dream life, I want to open my heart with the intention of inspiring you to live your best life and create a future you truly love and desire. 


Chapter 1: Same Old 


A year ago, I found myself in a place of numbness and dissonance between my mind and soul. Working long hours just to make a living, unhappy with my profession, feeling helpless, and very stressed. As I learned as a child, life is hard, so you have to be hard too. Work hard, go hard on yourself, be perfect. This mindset was ingrained in me, and the concept of doing my best meant shaking off dissatisfaction and toughing it out. 


That was my mindset for so long, and I thought that the feeling of something better out there was just a feeling, out of my reach. Not for me, right? Great things don't happen to me. Life is hard, even harder if you can't cope with its hustle. And even if I wanted something better, I had no idea what it was and how to get it. 


Chapter 2: That Niggle Feeling 

But that feeling wouldn't go away, it was growing stronger and whispering that life is more than that. I needed to check it out. I thought, should I just change my job? I felt this was the key, by doing it, everything was going to change, and the niggle would cease. 


Chapter 3: Bad Habits 

 To cope with this emptiness I felt for years, having more drinks than I should was a way to keep myself in a safe space, where I didn't need to be fully present. I could just roll on with life and not think about change because change? It hurts, right? And if I fail? No way. I never thought I would be capable, disciplined, or worthy of getting more from life. Don’t get me wrong- I didn’t have a miserable life, it was just bland, unfulfilling, and average. Ouch! 


Chapter 4: The Awakening Moment 

That niggle started growing strong and wouldn’t leave me alone anymore. The feeling that I just needed a new job and everything would be fine was now replaced by the need to create something that I really loved and was proud of. If I was going to start something, it would be my opportunity to go all-in on changing my life completely. 


Chapter 5: Committing 

 So, I made the big decision to go for it, to start something that calls my heart and soul, that makes me feel complete and proud of myself. I wanted to create a life I truly love. Then I started to investigate how to change my career so I could follow my passion! But what was my passion? I had no idea. I never thought before that living a life where doing things that I love and feel complete was available for me, so I was feeling clueless. 


Chapter 6: Got it! 

After diving deep into career change materials and making a list of possibilities, I created a structure to help find my calling. A “job description” of how my dream career looked like. That's when I came across Hypnotherapy, and I suddenly remembered that about 15 months ago, it was what helped me break free of the most terrible habit I ever had: smoking. So I thought, that's it! It helped me a few times before, it covers my non-negotiables of helping people, having a location-free work, and building my soul-led business! It all made sense, and I felt that I found my golden chance! 


Chapter 7: There Comes the 6 months Manifestation Plan 

I decided that I was going to give everything I had for the next 6 months to create this change. I went all in into this passion, committed myself to going above and beyond to live this dream. I totally fell in love with studying, and I was the guinea pig number one of my class, guaranteeing me so much trauma work and therapy sessions for free... 


Chapter 8: The Compound Effect 

The path that would lead me to success started to get clearer with every step I took. I was healing, I was growing, I quit drinking, and dedicated myself to becoming the best student and version of myself. I would take the wheel and be the creator of my future. 


Chapter 9: My Soul-Led Business Idea 

In the meantime, I felt stuck. I didn't have the clarity of what steps I needed to take, I was feeling uncomfortable, and I honestly didn't know what my vision for the future was. I had a dream but didn’t know what to do to manifest it.  I reached out for help, and I hired my first mentor. It was a game-changer. I got so much clarity and inspiration, from an observer, with a higher perspective, that could guide me and support me through the practical steps I needed to follow to get where I wanted. I fell in love with life coaching too! And then I thought: Can you imagine blending both? Inspiring and guiding people to the best version of themselves and then using hypnotherapy to dissolve the roadblocks? Boom! That was my soul-led business idea birth. 


Chapter 10: 6 Months Later 

 And on the day that I completed my 6 months manifestation plan, I got my diploma in hypnotherapy with my certificate in coaching and other therapy modalities and officially opened my business! Considering that at this point, I had done over 100 sessions of hypnotherapy and coaching for my friends and family, through in-person, zoom calls, and audios, and had finished many other full-time coaching programs, I felt competent to start charging. In the same week that I officially opened my business, I got my first paying client. I was stoked! It was proof that I had manifested my dream life. 



Chapter 11: One Year In


This week marks one year since I started my walk from feeling lost and incapable of changing to creating a life I love, and guess what is my next step? I will hit the road and enjoy the location freedom of the life I set for myself. Where to? Somewhere that nurtures my heart and my business, that we both can grow to the next level of our journeys. My non-negotiable? By the ocean, close to somewhere I can connect with people, do loads of networking and enjoy my dream life! 

 Still Figuring It Out 

So that’s my journey from feeling helplessness to living my dream life. I chose to act and transform my life, and on the way, I found the support I needed, in people that went through the same journey or people who are still on it. I inspired others to take the leap, and now I support my dream clients to get there too. As Rumi says, “When you start walking the path, The path appears.” 

What I want you to know is that our journeys are all unique, and success looks very different from person to person. We all have different purposes, and living a dream life requires different levels of change for different people, but it is available to everyone. If we have a dream, it is our responsibility to create the environment to manifest it, and we are the creators of our future, we always have been! 

And in case you are questioning your abilities to change, I have the answer: Of course, you can! 

I appreciate you. 🌷 


Rafa Tadielo. 

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